Friday, December 18, 2015

The Mathematicians............

The mathematicians,
“Mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true.” -- Bertrand Russell

The world we live is totally different without mathematics. What.What I like about mathematics is there are no in-between answers; it’s always either right or wrong. When the life is full of uncertainties at least we have something to rely on.
Carl Friedrich Gauss, who was famous as the prince of the mathematics defined mathematics as the “Queen of the all science “.We all know it’s  not easy to deal with a queen, not a queen even with a lady boss.

However mathematics is a very interesting thing to learn, we all may be not good in mathematics, but it does not matter. In my life I have a known two mathematicians. The first one is my best friend “Sha….”

Can anyone guess who is SHA.?.

“Sha” is not her full name, since she did not like to expose better not to tell her full name. Actually I met her in my Advanced level class and we are sharing both happy and sad moments over 15 years now. Only one thing I know about “Sha” during the advanced level class she always knew the answer without spending half of the time to get it by us. Also she had thinnest hand writing; she always skipped several steps and achieved the correct answer. 
I was actually other way round I had large hand writing and I am trying to get the correct answer by going through several lengthy methods. Most cases I did not get the correct answer. When we doing trigonometry she was a fastest student in the class. When she is solving it’s like writing a poem, I guess that why now she is doing her PHD and I am worrying about proportions of  buildings. 
She is my best friend; when I was in hospital she is the one stay besides me.She had very strong shoulder where I cry at any time more than that she is a good teacher, out of all she is a good mathematician. These days she is battling with some equation related to congestion of passenger movement in airport terminal which I don’t understand.

Though my friend “Sha “is good at mathematics she is not really good in day today life. Often she forgets to get balance form the cashiers .She never tried driving manual  vehicles even the auto vehicles to much effort to end the journey carefully. 
She has the ultimate prefers colors and she does not even stay close by some colors. But.But she is a very good fan of Bollywood movies. It’s unbelievable my best friend is a vegetarian, with no particular reasons. In her wardrobes she has all creams, face washes, etc but she is not using any of it as a habit, however she is a great believer of her horoscope, very recently she told that horoscope says that driving is not good and she is purposely avoiding driving these days.

The other mathematician I know is Dr. Wickramabhahu Karunaratne, He obtained his PHD in Electrical engineering with a first class honor and was a lecture in maths department in University of Peradeniya .But in 1982. He is among very few Sri Lankans who won the commonwealth scholar in Cambridge. In 1978 he was arrested in Kandy for attempting to put up protest slogans against the President  (J.R Jayawardena )prior to his visit to Kandy in 1978. He was released without charge after a few months of detention, and the University of Peradeniya which suspended him from service soon after his arrest reinstated him after a rather delayed inquiry. He was forced to leave the University after he collected his back pay. He was reinstated by Cabinet decision in 2001but was not allowed by the university.

But Today the same UNP government got a special cabinet approval corrected their own mistakes by the nephew of ex-President J.R. Jayawardena.Now Dr. Wickramabhahu Karunaratne in his early 70 s .

Though he was actively in politics he never got selected to the parliament, In Sri Lanka even Upeksha Swarnamale got selected by people of Gampaha district. Gampaha district consider as the highest literacy level in the Sri Lanka. I don’t know what they read exactly.

However Dr .Wickramabhahu Karunaratne got little more than  7000 votes in 2010 presidential election from whole country.2010 election was a battle with war heroes,Personally I did not want a war hero as a president so I did not vote any of them. So I vote to Dr Wickramabhahu Karunaratne knowing that he won’t be the president in 2010.Over this decisions I remember some said to me I am lunatic. But still today I don’t worry about my vote, at least  in Sir Lanka there are nearly 7000 people who  have genuine understanding about Dr.Wickarambhau Karunaratne as a politician.

During the last period of Sri Lankans civil war Dr.Wickramabahu Karunaratne was among the hatred Sinhalese by the majority of Sinhalese Buddhist. The reason was his outspoken ideas on between civilians of both parties. Some says he is the” Sinhalese TIGER”. As far as I knew he is not an admires of terrorists .I will conclude this with one of statement “Both LTTE and the JVP are like twin brothers or it’s like the two sides of the same coin”

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