Monday, November 9, 2015

Walking Through Red Carpet......

I have inherited two things from my father, that’s true, mad and honest love for movies and books. My father told me that books will take me everywhere without moving an inch. I realized what did he mean when I read the “Charley and the chocolate factory”. What about movies? Well my experience it tends to make move us everywhere. If I make a bucket list before I die number one would be each and every movie in one Cannes Film Festival. Hope for the best. 

But I was lucky enough to go to International film festival in Colombo yesterday; 2014 this was started and I wish they will continue in future annually.

Last year's IFF Colombo was both a treat and a novel experience for Sri Lankan cinema-lovers; this is totally free event and last time huge success with enthusiastic crowds thronging the various cinema halls which were Festival venues. As in its debut edition, we have several theaters such as the Regal cinema, Majestic cinema complex, the Empire, Tharangani where the IFF happening. IFFC festival director and world renowned filmmaker, Asoka Handagama referred to the success of the first edition of IFF Colombo and was hopeful of the second edition being a landmark event, 


There are  more than 100 movies were scheduled to be screened, and that the specialty of the chosen movies apart from being the latest productions was that most of them have been featured in the world's number one film festivals this year. "That is something to hear over 100 movies I wish I could watch at least more than 10.

Yesterday I can’t believe young, old, Sri Lankans non Sri Lankans we all were waiting in a long line In front of the Regal Cinema. The movie was scheduled to be screened at 7p.m.My friend was there since 5.30.Then I joined  with her at  6.15.After many years I waited over 45 minutes to enter the theater. Well that is the charismatic experience of watching movies in a big screen; we are waiting for the movie. Of course I went after office. But there were people fully dress for the film. They all smell so good. I did not feel we are waiting on the road. We talking each other, introducing each other making friends that 45 minutes went in the flashiest of the Flash.
 We two luckily got second raw chairs in the balcony. People sharing snacks since it’s free event everyone spending more on snacks.

Yesterday movie was Cannes Golden Palm award winning film 'Dheepan'. A film by renowned French director Jacques Audiard, 'Dheepan', a former Tamil Tiger child soldier, they says it’s  based on a true story about a Tamil Tiger child soldier who escaped the civil war in Sri Lanka, with a young woman and a little girl pretending they are a family.
 Even starting a family those who know each other is difficult, but somehow total strangers able to have their own family after lot of hardships. The movie is about happy ending. It had a happy ending. I don’t want to make any comment about the movie; I have some uncertainty points about how this movie received an award.

Main roles are totally hopeless, there is no sense of editing, no story line ,well I don’t know what the relationship of the on and off elephant appearing in the screen. Well I don’t like the movie and I can give thousand reasons for that. Two gangs were fighting over twenty minutes but there is no single police cop appearing. 

But French police chasing street vendors in boulevards. I’m not surprising to see these “special effects “in Bollywood movies or some Hollywood action movies. But an award winning movie trying to show this sort of” borrowed special effects “it’s not acceptable.

This is about just a movie; I have to watch some more to reconsider the selections of the movies. But IFFCOLOMBO is a memorable experience for all move lovers. But today is the last day…………………….

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