Monday, November 9, 2015

All Animals are Equal But.......

“Three days later it was announced that he had died in the hospital at Willingdon, in spite of receiving every attention a horse could have, Squealer came to announce to the others. He had, he said been present during Boxer’s last hours."

“It was the most affecting sight I have ever seen! Said Squealer, lifting his trotter and wiping away a tear, “I was at his bed side at the very last. And at the end, almost too weak to speak. He whispered in my ear that his sole sorrow was to have passed on before the windmill was finished. “Forward comrades “he whispered. “Forward in the name of the rebellion. Long live Animal farm!"

"The animals were enormously relieved to hear this. And when Squealer went on to give further graphic details of Boxer’s death bed, the admirable care he had received and the expensive medicines for which Napoleon had paid without a thought as to the cost, their last doubts disappeared and the sorrow that they felt for their comrade’s death was tempered by the thought that at least he had died happy.”

-Animal Farm by George Orwell

I don’t know why I read this small booklet after hearing   the loss of Venerable Maduluwawe Shobhitha thero yesterday. Reading the animal farm could be a co incident but I feel George Orwell foreseen a hell of a lot in 1945.

Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero was a Sinhalese Buddhist Bikku. A prominent socialist, social justice activist who led campaigns that toppled governments in several times and a Buddhist style nonviolent revolutionary. But unfortunately many times Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero ended up with great disappointments.I believe so.But he never gave up his ambition of making a better future to all Sri Lankans. Eventhough he was a Buddhist Monk he was not raciest.His ideas were not based on narrow minded thinking of making the Sinhalese Buddhist only people in Sri Lanka.

Well I have not any memory of 1977 election. But it was a landslide victory to the UNP.The UNP government changed the constitution and introduced an executive president post who does not responsible to the Parliament. After that each and every government who came to the power promised to change this but nothing significantly happened except increasing the power.

If my references are correct it was under the UNP government who attacked Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero at first in 1983 while he was addressing a book launch Of Dr.Edireewera Sarathchandra “Dharmishta Samajaya”(the good society)At that time Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero was younger than 30 years from now. So able to withstand again against the UNP government and contribute his effort of the political changes in 1994.

As it appeasers to me if ex-president CBK wanted to change any she had the greatest potential .But she did not want to make an honest effort to any reforms what she promised before the election. I can remember when she got the power her first visit was Shi Nagha Vihara At Kotte.On that day Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero explained very few things as a leader should have follow. But nothing made CBK any better.

What happened in 2015 some called as a rainbow revolution. What so ever name the Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero put his charisma, influence and skill to maximum use in the flight through National Movement for a Just Society (NMJS) to bring pro rights government in 8th of January; He not only unified the divided opposition but also unified the trade unions, rights groups, Artistes, professional and academia alike in his cause.

He did not stop at that point what the parliament decided to bring 19th amendment which at least tried of reducing the executive power political parties started bargaining over the privileges shamelessly. It was Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero who came with the intention of starting hunger strike to the death near parliament premises. I must say we can’t compare Mahatma Gandhi’s hunger strike but it was far greater than what we saw in “Thummulla” Junction.

I don’t have good voice. That’s why I never thought of singing just kidding.

As well that s why I always jealous with Tracy Chapman. But in Sri Lanka I don’t feel jealous over their hearing two of Sri Lankans  voice; I feel to be honored hearing their voice. It is late Dr.Tissa Abayasekara and Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero. Sadly both of them no longer any more.

Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero was an excellent orator; it’s not about the politics or civil activities. I was about age of seven or eight when I first time listen his Buddhist speeches In Ingiriya Temple. I was there with my grandmother. I don’t think it is an easy task   explaining facts in Buddhism for all age groups at a same time. But both me and my grandmother were fully convinced what he told.I was just seven . He explains about the human  desires with respect to Buddhist Philosophy. He did not say to loose desires as well to gain it , he told only to  only grab what is essential I think through out his life that what he did other wise he would have spend much comfortable life  as others most of Buddhist monks.
But  for thirty years of life I tried to figure out what are the essential desires, I don t think that I’m succeeded so far.I often grabs the unnecessary....

Yet again coming to the animal farm I have a feeling the reasons of the good government is fading off like in the Animal farm.

I’m not sure in Sri Lanka who is playing the role of Napoleon, but there are many of them are playing the role of Squealer. I have a feeling since there is no such strong personality like Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero this drama can be easily play. But still we can have a state funeral .Our president himself will attend to the organizing committee. Well this is Sri Lanka one and only island………

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