Monday, November 2, 2015

Sunny Leone Is Coming.....?

Sri Lanka is not a country with lot of freedom. We have unwritten restriction for most of things, as per the Sri Lankan constitute we have safe guard freedom of write, talk, religion, but in practicality we don’t have anything without restrictions. Some are really badly restricted.

During the war time there was a movie done by Prasanna Withanage’s “Pura hada Kaluwara”.The film is about father is waiting for his son‘s return from war. The film won international awards as well in Sri Lanka it won the best film award of the year but the government did not release the movie in Sri Lanka. Their reason was this will demotivate the Sri Lankan forces.
This is not the first as well it would not be the last. Well this is about what we so called classical movies. What about the pornography. In western world it had developed as an industry. Even in Japan, Thailand most of eastern countries it is accepted, they have porn movie stars they are doing a film. I may not able to figure out how this actress ended up being porn movie stars, but they are in the industry.
In Sri Lanka there is no pornography movie industry. But there are extremely worst Sri Lankan video clips are available in internet. Even some Buddhist monks produced their own video clips. For those video clips the only word I can use is disgusting.
However more or less mots of Sri Lankans do watch pornography. When our school time internet was not freely available like today. Thanks to the free internet everywhere our school children fart advanced than from our generation
The Sri Lankan Casinos are monopolized by one person. He was a close alliance of ex-president MR .He is not only a casino tycoon. He owns the both lanka tiles and Rocell ceramic floor and wall tiles companies’ .He has the monopolization of Sri Lankan wall and floor tile market. 

Somehow The Ballie’s casino have decided to bring Sunny Leon on 20th of December instead of waiting for Santa Clause 

on 25TH .Sunny Leon is an Indian origin  high end porn star very popular among Sri Lankans. I too agreed she has the strong X factor than other regional porn stars. This even will be very exclusive event most probably only the foreigners; Very few of Sri Lankans have the membership in Ballie’s Casino. I’m sure if there is any chance most of Sri Lankans willing to pay for the event to see Sunny Leon.
Previous government had a proposal of promoting casino investment and they invited Australia based casino business man Carry Packer to join with the government. But with the political changes this did not come to reality. I personally believe a country cannot be developed only opening to Casinos. But there are some examples we can gather from the world which will dis approved my believes. Cities such as Monaco,Las Vegas and  Macau only surviving with we really want to sri lanka ended  up  like Las Vegas?

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