Tuesday, November 3, 2015

After 25 Years..................................!

I had a friend a his name was Ali.When I met first time he  was working in one of a leading fast food restaurant in Colombo.Later he went to middle east looking for better opportunities.throughout his life  Ali and his family moving from one place to the other for better life. Ali was 4 years old kid when his family was chased away from Muttur by the LTTE.Ali‘s father was a livestock businessman. Except Pork all the other  varieties of meat are  an essential requirement in the  Muslim cuisine. So Ali‘s father was well to do man in his business.Ali told me that they had seven bed rooms house with a large well in Muttur. The LTTE allowed taking 200 rupees people who were above 18 years old. Out of Ali’s family only four members were above 18 years. That was ALI’s father ,mother and two elder brothers.800Sri Sri Lankans rupees was not a significant amount of money at the time 1990.Also Ali had another three sisters  elder than to him.

Ali told his mother had gold jewelries, a motor bike and a land master tractor .All of them LTTE forcefully took into their control. A family with 8 members came to Puttlam with 800 rupees.Luckily Ali’s father had a friend in Puttlam town have small house to stay. Otherwise Ali and his family will be stuck in a refugee came like other 75000 Muslims.

Two elder brother started working and support the family.one went to Middle East and the other one came to Colombo. After two years Ali’s father died in a heart attack. After that Ali was the only boy with sisters and mother. Later sisters got married and Ali came to Colombo. After the war the government decided to give those lands to original owners.Ali’s sister ware married and had their own ways so they did not return to Muttur.Ali and his brothers preferred to stay in Colombo. Their lives were changed so much and now of course they were not fitted into the rural life in Muttur.

Their house were partially robbed windows doors were taken and renovation work seems to be very expensive, they did not spend on it.they bought a house in Puttlam.

Ali’s story is different from the other. But there is large number of Muslims still live as refugees .There was a proposal provide lands around Wilpattu forest those who lost their land deeds and property. The proposal was rejected and there was a huge protest from Sinhalese Buddhist as well environment.

The past government had very raciest attitude over Muslims. Not in the north and eastern even in western there were riots against the Muslims. In Sri Lanka Muslim community did not fight for separate country. The Muslims in Sri Lanka tried most of the time to remain as traders or merchants. In Sri Lanka computer hard ware business, garments industry mainly dominates buy Muslim community. This actually made jealousy and hatred over Sinhalese. There was boycott propaganda on Muslim stores, but it did not succeeded as expected, we should understand taking over their business may not be the answer, if we can overtake Muslim business men that will be a better solution.

We have Muslim political leader, they always bargain with number of ministries. I will tell a good story. During the past government under urban development authority lot of low income settlement in the Colombo took over by the government. This happened in Slave Island, Pettah, Maligakanda, Rajagiriya etc. Some were got small houses in Sahaspura, the government housing scheme in Colombo low income families.

There was a large Muslim community living in the Colombo and even the Mayor of the Colombo is a Muslim person. During the past government willing or unwillingly their lands were cleared for large scale development. During over the political changes technically their situation expected to become better. At lease they hoped that they will get reasonable compensation.But even after 11 months of the new government they did not receive a penny. Simply because their ministers those who made them to vote for new government had their own agendas, first they want to stabilize the government then they wanted to smooth running on the large scale developments. Simply their own politicians ignored the problem.

I believe this is a worst situation than what LTTE did to the northern Muslims. The LTTE consider as a terrorist organization plus everything is fair in love and war, but this is a democratically elected government. A responsible government cannot ignore one of the main requirement of it’s people.

But both governments unable help these homeless in Colombo as well In North. By the time we hear there is a Sri Lankan SISI terrorist member died in Syria. I cannot be surprised if we did not act reasonably we will ended up become another civil war in Sri Lanka with Muslims.

But my general attitude over Muslims not very positive. In my experience they are very selfish, I had a batch mate who did architecture. He always misused his religion for very selfish reason. During the Ramzan period he did not performed fasting in a single day. But any submission or any presentation he made his fasting as an excuse for delaying his submission. Later he had a girlfriend, and he cheated this poor girl in really bad way. Now he become and architect, but what is he doing is shame to the profession. Taking professional fee from the client as well openly accepting bribes from the contractors. I have no word to tell how he behaves not as a Muslim but as an Architect.
I believe the almighty god has mercy upon his soul….

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