Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Some Are Wise Others Are Otherwise.................

It was my father once who told me  trying to look for how to make sausages and law are useless efforts. It’s not his idea but it was in one of his old reader’s digest magazines .Simple sausages are made from left over of the best cut of the meat and added all other ingredient and coming wrapped indifferent shape.
We seek help from law when we have injustice. Good citizens like Bansera went to police and the long legal process must have spending a lot to the lawyers. Well in the end he did not found. He had to look justice from Don Corleone even if he did not like. The god father movie trilogy is very romantic, I don’t think in realty life the Sicilian Mafia had such romance ever, but I m a forever fan of the godfather trilogy.

If we are looking for justice from the legal system of any country most cases we will never achieved.Sadly we won’t be able to come even close to the justice. In Sri Lanka few days ago a man was found guilty and sent to prison for stealing 20 rupees form Til box. In Sri Lanka each and every temple, church and mosque we have big box close to the Altar. The devotees can money to the box as charity. Whole idea of this collection of this money for welfare of the poor. Somehow this poor man had stolen 20 Sri Lankan rupees, which is less than a 0.25$.I’m unable to do assumption how much government money spent on this case before the reach the verdict. Certainly it is more than 20 rupees.

Meantime Attorney general of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka informed to the SriLankan courts that there are no any proofs against Kumaran Pathmanathan to make him appear in courts. After LTTE leader was killed in battle Kumaran Pathmanathan accepted loss of battle and appointed himself as the leader. I have read one of his interviews he has given to the press. Even in that interview he has told collecting money  to the LTTE,buying weapons  for the war, making fraud passports and taking LTTE leaders family to the western Europe etc. As per the attorney general nothing is illegal, Kumaran Pathmanathan was brought from Thailand by police intelligence department. Still he is under their security. As a citizen I don’t understand what is even illegal and legal.

The JVP in January filed a case, seeking an order to the government for the arrest of KP, and leveling around 190 charges against him. Petitioner’s lawyer Sunil Watagala said it was unfortunate the AG has failed to find proof for charges against KP, although the government had revealed his involvement in many crimes. This seems to be the inefficient of the attorney general’s office.

 Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka said  ironically he was in prison during for being against government during    MR time.
''Even a small child in this country knows who this K.P. is. During the period I was the arm commander, based on the full information available with the intelligence division it was K.P.who collected funds from foreign countries for the LTTE , and procured arms for them to fight the war . ''Intelligence reports describe K.P. as a most dangerous terrorist. In such circumstances, if this country’s A.G. says, ‘K.P. has not committed any wrongs, and no case can be filed against him, ’  such an A.G. is not acting in the best interests of the country.
He is acting for and on behalf of terrorists,''
I cannot be really agreed with Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka saying, this is too early to decide attorney generals patriotism but it is the law itself says

“Justice Must Not Only Be Done It Must Be Seen to Be Done” we if that is the case I can’t see any even any effort of Justice by Attorney General.

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