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Janaatha Wimukthi peramuna, the JVP have been involved in active politics over four decade in Sri Lanka.The Founder Rohana Wijeweera who studied In Lumumba University Russia dreaming of become doctor but killed during 1989-1988 period.
The JVP directly responsible for two youth movements in Sri Lanka in 1971 and 1988 which known as lost revolutions. Both movements were controlled by government of that time and Sri Lanka went through massive blood bath. All JVP members dreamt about righteous society but it was only a dream.
In 1971 the JVP were against the SLFP government and in 1977 UNP won the election claiming that they will bring better future to Sri Lanka.But it did not happened as they told ,in 1988 again JVP gave the leadership for second movement this time UNP government killed over forty thousand Sri Lankans.
In 1994 CBK came to power over and over repeatedly she promised that she will bring justice those who disappeared and killed during  1988-1989 but there were nothing significant thing happened or there were no justice those who lost their lives.
Mean time starting from 1983 black July youth of the north and eastern part of Sri Lanka organized against the government. This was known as LTTE.The LTTE and the JVP both were twin brothers, Both Sinhalese and the Tamil youths had their own issues, mainly unemployment, lack of fair education etc.
The LTTE was somehow able to get international Tamil diaspora support and India and grew as a liberation army. This leaded to civil war which was ended during MR ’time. The LTTE had dreamt of separate country for Tamil but could not make it into a reality. Now both leaders of the LTTE and JVP were killed. The dreams are gone, reality was disappointing.

What happened to the rest of the members of the LTTE.During the time of MR some of the LTTE leaders came for asylum from the government they dreamt of defeating LTTE leader with the help of government become Tamil political leaders. They joined to government betraying their organization.
MR welcomed them offered them some dreamy world they entered parliament even. When they enter to the parliament of course they never worried the reasons which they  started to rebel. They simply spend a comfortable  dreamy life as the other ministers in Sri Lanka.One of the former LTTE member was offered with vice president post of SLFP.He was remotely close to his dream I guess, But after the political changes of the party and the past two elections in 2015 the former LTTE member have been kicked off. Very recently he again started saying former LTTE leaded is a hero and ice frictional story to get attention, but this time he seems to be very unsuccessful.This time he was unable to win the parliamentary election and now he will enjoy his retirement life. He has a considerable monthly income for a being deputy minister hopes he will be satisfy with his pension. He can dream leisurely now….
The JVP most of member were killed during 1988-1989 but there were some of them lucky enough to save their lives and they entered in to politics. Some migrated to Western Europe countries they had a different dream of obtaining political asylum they succeeded. It was CBK who joined with JVP first time in Parliamentary election. Over 12 members were elected that time to the parliament they claimed that they have the remote control of the new government dreaming of controlling remotely. But CBK was not a president who can control even closely, while this dream fading off some of the elected members changed drastically after enjoin the privileges as Member of Parliament.  They dreamt of luxury life. There were reports that one JVP member using a mobile phone which was cost 2000$ .This happened over ten years ago and his wife started visiting Disneyland in and shopping in sunset boulevard. Their dreams became real. The JVP started breaking in to pieces and some of the started their own political parties’ .Some of them joined hand with MR and stand alone with him unconditionally.
During the past election Parliament Member Wimal Weerawansha was the most notable political speaker on MR’S stages. He was charged for bribery and corruption and his wife is charged for producing fake birth certificates misuse of government properties.
The other members who did not start support directly to the government start criticizing the MR and his government. They did not contest to the previous presidential election but supported to the others against the MR.
They had high hopes over parliamentary election. They dreamt over 15 parliament seats. Their parliament candidates were not charged with corruption, most of them had university degree or equaling academic education. Even the parliamentary nation list filled with professional and experts in different fields.Their political meeting were filled with volunteer crowd, where MR made crowded his political meeting with paid audience but the election results made JVP devastating only able to win four parliament seats. Also they gained two bonus seats. All together six members in the parliament, even though they had separate national list after the election  results  they appointed one JVP member  to the parliament who was unable to win the election making only one vacancy in the national list. 
The appointed Member of Parliament was Mr. S Mayadunne, Former audit general in Sri Lanka who able to maintain his clean records as a government official with lot of hardships. The same day he was appointed he gave his resignation after addressing the parliament with special statement. It is a story of a sweet dream. We can of course expect from this kind of dream from Wimal Weerawansha,Karuna Amman or even former president Mahinda Rajapaksha.Mr Mayadunne had dreamt of that JVP come the parliament as the opposition party and Anura Disanayake appointed as the opposition leader .But when he realized this is only a dream and in reality people did not want JVP to become the opposition party Mr. .Mayadunne is arguing there is no point of being a parliament member for such people. He was charging the people of Sri Lanka for not converting his dream into reality.
We all have dreams, but it is not fair charging someone else not making the dreams into reality. During the past parliament elections Sri Lankans were not keen to make powerful opposition we tried to make a stable government. Even former president lost the election he was a strong influential character to the most of Sri Lankans. Any attempt to make powerful opposition had a propensity of become former president it to the power. That’s why somehow Wimal Weeransha and Udaya Gamanpila made Mahinda Rajapaksha to re entire to the election; because they knew without MR shadow their political life will end from this election. They are the smart fellow who made their dreams come true by using someone else. While their dreams come true former president ended up being forgetting little by little. His dream of becoming prime minister will never become true. But waiting over 20 years Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe made his dream come true. As Sri Lankans we all have dream of better tomorrow. Can we all make that dream come true?

In visions of the dark night
       I have dreamed of joy departed—
But a waking dream of life and light
       Hath left me broken-hearted.

Ah! what is not a dream by day
       To him whose eyes are cast
On things around him with a ray
       Turned back upon the past?

That holy dream—that holy dream,
       While all the world were chiding,
Hath cheered me as a lovely beam
       A lonely spirit guiding.

What though that light, thro' storm and night,
       So trembled from afar—
What could there be more purely bright
   In Truth's day-star? 
 -Edgar Allan Poe

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