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The Best Actor of Our Time...............................................

In Sri Lanka we got very notable actors,Mr.Gamini Fonseka, Known as the “Sinama Sakvithi  “   which means the greatest king  or king of the kings.

 Eventhough we don t have large film industry such as India we do produce 10 -25 per year. But Mr Gamini Fonseka throughout his life able to perfume over 100.Mr Gamini Fonseka not only did classical movies but also appeared in many of commercial movies. “Nidhanaya,Wali Kathara”, known to be the best performance of Mr. Gamini Fonseka. He also directed few movies as well,”Parasathu mal” which I like most.

A scene from" Nidhanaya"-it s story about looking for a treasure. 

Mr Joe Abhayawikrama also famous with his notable role in” Wali Kathara”.Mr Joe Abhayawikrama started his acting carrier as a comic actor, but he did many remarkable films won the best actor award many times. The role in “Purahada Kaluwara “as a blind father who lost his son in the war made him to win internationally best actor award.
A blind father waiting his son return home.Very sensitive performance ,Mr Abeywickrama won best actor award in Singapore international Film festival.But this move did not allow showing in Sri Lanka saying this movie may cause de motivation of forces.  
Mr Tony Ranasinghe,of course I can spend the whole day just looking at this photo.
If I did not mention Mr.Tony Ranasinghe that will very unfair thing to Mr .Tony Ranasingeha, He did not appear in many movies. He did carefully selected characters .Also did not contribute much into commercial movies. But Mr Tony Ranasingeha is the most handsome actor I have seen in Sinhalese movies.

 He is like Dorian Grey in Sri Lankan films. For me is best performance is “Delowak Athara” (between two worlds),  the movie is upper middle class boy who  accidently killed a passenger he did not want to hide the incident but he did not want to go to the police is very much similar to Chappaquiddick incident which U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy faced.

 The whole movie warped with Mr Ranasinghe performance. He explained the complexity of the situation lot of facial expression, there is no other actor who could do that kind of role except Mr.Tony Ranasinghe.
But Mr.Tony Ranasinghe gained lot of weight so he did not be the same person in his middle age.But still he was the best good looking actor  so far.

Well, all above actors are passed away presently we have lot of talented actors but many of them popular in television tele dramas. They do their performance either on stage or silver screen.
The villege headman-Mr Rajapaksha acting in a tele drama.
But nobody is good as our ex –president Mr.Rajapaksha.Actually he did some tele drams as well. He acted as village head man .Not only that he personally met Sharukh Khan in India at mid night, because only available time was after 12 o clock night.
Mr .Rajapaksha first appeared as the commanding office to the war. He personally did this action movie well there may be lot of directors but his performance were incredible.
The action movie-MR the terminator
 He did not go to front line during the war even for a second. But there were very attractive photos were taken and widely published where he surrounded by army soldiers.
After the war he started playing “The father”. He was the father of the nation most of political rallies started after he did babysitting.
MR, The babysitter.

 There were small babies hugged by Mr Rajapaksha. People actually started believing that Mr. Rajapaksha is their BELOVED FATHER.

His best performance actually came after losing the election. He has several luxury houses, but he appeared to public jumping out of the half done house, 
did not stop that became a devotee of Lord Buddha and started going to each and  every temple ,meditating at Sri Maha bodhi tree...

Somehow he lost the parliamentarian election as well. Today I saw Mr Rajapaksha’s honorary performance. During past seven months he was completely against with both president and the prime minister, but today he behaves just like he was reborn.

Today holding hands with MY3
This is fine if Mr. Rajapaksha really wanted to help to the newly elected government, but sadly this is another act. It’s well known secret after the parliamentarian election that Mr. Rajapaksha made a call and requested from president MY3 to postpone or stop all the investigation against his family.
 After trying so many hardships now MR is planning to make good will and be innocence. Still Mr. Rajapaksha has not stopped his carrier as an actor. But the audience has some sort of awareness then he expects.
The real face of MR,confused frustrated and uncertain....... 

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