Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Missile Man

By all means India is a great country.A great country with great people.There are some rotten mangoes but still: It was the cradle of many things.Can we imagine how our world would be without positional decimal numeral system?
That all started from Indian mathematicians,of course it  is true that Persian adopted it but the initiators were Indians.
Dr Abdul Kalam, the missile man  he was the one piece of gold of the same chain.
Actually when I heard that we lost him forever suddenly I remembered one thing.Sometimes ago he had told when he stop breathing there should not be any state funerals or public holidays of sorrow.
His request was as an honor to continue work when he passed away.

I was lucky enough to see Dr Abdul Kalam exactly one month ago In Sri Lanka.He was here on 25 th of June.But never thought that I will hear this yesterday.His life is full of achievements.
Starting from Rameshwaram in India and ended up in Rashtaprathi Bhawan, And he hold his last breath till he reached Shillong ,a hill station of India at his age of 83.
It is well known thing that NASA offered him a fortune to work for them,but he refused.
He was appointed as  the president of India ,the most important thing is all  the political parties in India agreed on that decision.
Dr Abdul Kalam is not only a scientist  he is the symbol of  ethnically  unitness  of India.Majority of Hindu population agree to have a Muslim President ,

The time India started their missile programs there were lot of criticism came against it.By that time aeronautical engendering was only passion of so called developed countries such as USA and Russia.
they started  the programme with minimum facilities which including with out basic transportation.

Dr Abdul Kalam  never seeking help so called developed countries but ended up Agni,Pruthvi.. so and so...
After the five years of presidency period  Dr Abdul Kalam continued his teaching with his inspirational speeches.He traveled throughout India ,even the last day of his  life he spent with young student.

Dr Abdul Kalam with students.He was role model most of  youngsters.

Dr Abdul Kalam with Bill Gates, during his time in Rashtaprathi  Bhawan

In 1981 the India's first satellite  before the lunch.Imagine if this happened in  Sri Lanka ,We will start hiring most expensive vehicle for transportation and will ask help from China  for road construction.And we will put our Flag on someone else s  satellite.
I was wondering what happened to our satellite ?No a Clue...
Might be it already reached to the other Galaxy.....
                                               The missile man,Dr Abdul Kalam,

 "you cannot change you r future,but you can change you r habits.
And surly habits will change you r future"
              -Dr Abdul Kalam.
That 's something I do always think......

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