Monday, July 27, 2015

A Moving Life

Sunil Perera, a musician and the leader of the popular musical group Gypsies with  some other politicians have been accused of engaging in activities that have defamed ex president during TV talk shows.Former President already sent letter of demand and Sunil Perera has been charged  for one billion rupees.Even we have really low rate for Sri Lankan Rupees for US dollars,One billion  is a quiet a lot ....
Today Sunil Perera may not face difficulty of finding this amount,the  Gypsies  musical band did so well in past decades .
Actually once Sunil Perera told the name Gypsies he used purposely because at the time he started the group all the group members were like Gypsies ,they were not stable both financially and professionally.
I don't really believe what he is saying,though Sunil Perera claims  that he did not get through Ordinary level  Examination his ideas seems to be very broad and far sighted.I have a thought long time ago before I even  heard of Gypsy king Sunil Perera might have been a good fan of them...

All this came to my mind was seeing  the real gypsies on my way to office.The
We don' t have large gypsy culture like in Europe.They never had caravans, these people actually originally came from India most of them talking Theligu or Tamil,majority of them settled in Easten Province but still there are some living as an isolated groups in some parts of the  country.

Traditionally donkeys  or mules to carry their  belongings .Except the movie which Malani Fonseka acted as a Gypsy girl I haven't seen it in reality.Of course that movie is very elaborated and exaggerated.
One thing is quiet true those days they did not  stay over a week in a same place.
Actually they were moving from place to place.Also there were many bare lands and people did not mind  coming them even  to a private land.
They do snake charming,fortune telling and showing monkey dancing so and so...
Still they do the same thing, but what they really don t do is now they don t move.They are perfectly staying at one place over six months funniest thing is they are fighting to stay forever.
Of course we should all aware everything around us have changed.This Gypsy community can't move around  like old days,lands are being divided in to smallest as possible.
We may easily say they can join with the normal society,but these people they don t have any identification,no birth certificate,no school actually no name so they don t get permanent job.
They only surviving what they can do but staying in one place.Some of them do labor jobs on daily basis.
Now they don t have traditional  materials for their shelter,such as Palmaira leaves ,now they use
every syntactic materials which they can get free.
Actually I spoke with some of this modern Gypsies.The most shocking thing I heard was it is very difficult to find some one to marry them and they are getting married in to their first cousins  and more worst scenarios than that.
So ended up in disable children more frequently and most of the government hospitals also refusing them even for child birth.
Quoting from  Lord Buddha  even a birth has a human is great thing we have to do so much good work to be born as humans from the previous birth.
All Buddhist believe life is a cyclic and rebirth.
But Imaging born into such life?

Sunil Perera, the Sri lankan Gypsy King

The Popular Actress,Ex-parliamentarian Malani Fonseka in her Gypsy costumes.

Some Gypsy people  with their snakes...
Snake charming is a very popular thing among most of them.
Actually snake is like their  most valuable thing.All grown up male gypsies are keeping snakes or a monkey .This still has not changed much.

Old picture of snake charmers.

Old Group of Gypsies with their traditional shelters.
Not anymore...

Newly wed Gypsy couple

Modern Gypsy shelters, where they live longer period than they used to be.Diff rent materials for shelters.

have been accused of engaging in activities that have defamed ex-President Mahinda Rajapakse during various TV talk shows. As a result of these practices, MR had sent letters of demand to these five individuals. Moreover, they have been charged one billion rupees each except for Minister Mangala Samaraweera who has been charged Rs.500 million - See more at:

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