Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Rotten Eggs…

Eggs are very versatile food. We can boil it; we can fried t…so much to do with this simple egg. But very few people may have the experience of smell of rotten eggs. It’s such unpleasant experience to all of us. Some cases people use throw rotten eggs to show up there hatred or anger, few days back I heard very  sad incident of throwing eggs.

The University of Peradeniya consider as pioneering university in Sri Lanka. After the university of Colombo this is the second oldest university, this primarily based on the Mahawali river banks and mount Hanthana,The mesmerizing environment of the university is well famous.it s not only the environment the university itself has been contributing  in various aspects to  this country.
The Peradeniya University had its own culture, especially to the art and drama. This was the place where Dr .Sarathchandra produced his first stylist play Maname in 1956 to widespread acclaim. Maname is generally considered the first real Sinhala drama, signalling the transition from the Nadagam or folk drama to the modern theatrical drama format. It was praised especially for drawing influence from the traditional nadagam play style. He continued as a playwright, developing his play Sinhabahu in 1961, which is widely considered as his best work. 

Dr .Sarathchandra did not stop only producing dramas he also designed the open theater with in the undercity premises using the natural terein.this known as Peradeniya open theater  but more commonly to Sri Lankans it s  PERADENIYA WALA”.  This was Built in early 1950s, it is considered to be the only theatre of its kind in Sri Lanka. It was built according to the architectural style of ancient Greek theatres.
The performance space is a simple semi-circular one in the middle. It is called the orchestra. Spectators sit in the stone steps created at a slope of which produced a natural theatron, literally "watching place". It can accommodate a very large number of people. Acoustics play a vital role in its construction. Even the spectators in the extreme back row can hear the sounds clearly. Still, most of the dramas shown in the University of Peradeniya use Sarachchandra open-air theatre as their venue. Ediriwira Sarachchandra’s ground-breaking Sinhala play, Maname was first presented at this very theatre,

I never got an opportunity of studying in the University of Peradeniya,which is sad in a way. But yesterday I made me very sad because student f university of Peradeniya has thrown rotten eggs to the while it was staged the very own “Maname drama”..

Dr Sarathchandra was beaten while he was addressing I a meeting during the time of president J.Rjayawardena.but it says DR.sarathchandra smiled forgetting his all physical pains  saying this is an act of  politicians and their thugs..
But Dr Sarathchandra was alive today and heard throwing rotten eggs to the “The Maname Drama” for me its hard to imagine what will his reaction. This is just a one incident that what kind of graduates are producing in our universities.

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