Monday, October 5, 2015

Two Islanders............

The prime minister of Sri Lanka Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe had been to Japan on four days official visit. As his uncle former president J.R Jayawardene our Mr .Wickramasinghe hoping to have good relationship something more than diplomatic.

 We Sri Lankans are very good customers of Japan, they  gave us Rupavahini Corporation, (the television broad casting corporation) now we have Japanese television at every single house. Also most of Sri Lankans are dreaming of second hand Japanese car.

Well of course what I like about Japan is their skillful craftsmanship in every single thing . The traditional Japanese architecture very environment friendly way of living. The traditional timber dwelling helps withstanding often earth quakes.Even the modern architects such as Taddeo Ando, Shigeru Ban inspired me as a student. Even in Sri Lanka he have some client how looked for Japanese architects service. Architect Shigeru Ban practically involved with rebuilding of entire village in Sri Lanka.

More than everything I love” Noriko Son”.Noriko son, she is a fictional character by Dr. Edireweera Sarathchandra. Those who really like literature I’m sure they have read “Malawunge Awurududa “and “Malagiya Attho

The story simply develops around Dewandaro Son   who was practicing painting and start his life as a Buddhist monk and so and so. After completing many foreign traveling and some painting exhibitions in abroad, he decided to stay in Japan for a period of his life to achieve some of the skills of traditional painting in Japan. During his stay in Japan he encounters some passionate relationship with somewhat ignorant but very humanistic girl named Noriko. Their relationship never well-defined but this entanglement make both so sensitive towards their goals of life and end up the story in a partial tragedy by shifting Dewandaro Son   back to his own country remaining both unmarried and helpless.
Two books have written in both perspective of Noriko son and Dawadaro son, it explains the very deep sad of love. Apart from that the novel is giving awareness of Japanese tradition and its culture, remarkably fabricated. Most of the spiral arms of Japanese culture. I like this human affair as well as the cultural paradigms emerges into one another through the text is very much unique in the context of Sri Lankan literature.

Both Japanese and Sri Lankans are islanders.  We have a one large island with small few other islands but Japan has four main islands. We Sri Lankans have a saying the Japanese, the clever. I think everybody will agree the Japanese are clever nation. Both Japan and Sri Lanka are Buddhist countries. 
During the world war II Japan was the only country which bombed to Sri Lanka, But Sri Lanka was the only country who stood up with Japan At the San Francisco Summit in 1951.
World war II caused loss of lives in millions. The Japanese were famous for their suicide bombers ruthless strategies in war. It is the country of Samurais, what can we expect except blood when we got a samurai says Japan island were created by tear drops of a worrier.

 Also when we lost a war everything will fall apart, forgetting that japanenese lost thousand with atomic bombs, the defeated Japanese were charged with war crimes.

Treaty of San Francisco Peace Treaty with Japan or commonly known as the Treaty of Peace with Japan, mostly between Japan and the Allied Powers, was officially signed by 48 nations on September 8, 1951, at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, California, United States.
 It came into force on April 28, 1952. According to Article 11 of the Treaty of San Francisco, Japan accepts the judgments of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East and of other Allied War Crimes Courts imposed on Japan both within and outside Japan. Sri Lanka we were Ceylon at that time, and we just got our independence in 1948.

WE Sri Lanka provided support for a post-war free Japan While many were reluctant to allow a free Japan capable of aggressive action and insisted that the terms of surrender should be rigidly enforced in an attempt to break the spirit of the Japanese nation, that time our Finance Minister J.R. Jayawardene spoke in defence for a free Japan and informed the conference of our refusal to accept the payment of reparations that would harm Japan's economy. His reason was "in our country were fortunate that we were not invaded, but the damage caused by air raids, by the stationing of enormous armies under the South-East Asia Command, and by the slaughter-tapping of one of our main commodities, rubber, when we were the only producer of natural rubber for the Allies, entitles us to ask that the damage so caused should be repaired. We do not intend to do so for we believe in the words of the Great Teacher  lord Buddha  whose message has ennobled the lives of countless millions in Asia, that 'hatred ceases not by hatred but by love'." He ended the same speech by saying

 This treaty is as magnanimous as it is just to a defeated foe. We extend to Japan the hand of friendship and trust that with the closing of this chapter in the history of man, the last page of which we write today, and with the beginning of the new one, the first page of which we dictate tomorrow, her people and ours may march together to enjoy the full dignity of human life in peace and prosperity.

Minister Jayawardene's speech was received with resounding applause. Afterwards the New York Times stated, "The voice of free Asia, eloquent, melancholy and still strong with the lilt of an Oxford accent, dominated the Japanese peace treaty conference today."

But to be honest Mr J.R.Jayawardene did not practice Buddhist philosophy as the first executive president in Sri Lanka, since 1977 to 1988.As a country we were in pool of blood of youth both south and north. Mr.J.R. Jayawardena gave two weeks of holidays to the police when he got the power in 1977.He changed the Sri Lankan constitute as he wanted and it caused to a disaster for generations. But he helped to Japan in 1951; he might have changed in 26 years. Also he was the president of Sri lanka when Dr Edireweera Sarathchandra was beating by government thugs  while he was addressing a meeting.Ex-president J.R.Jayawardena did not practice any of his brilliant ideas at 1951  summit.
But however Japan is still very grateful over this.
 Even with devastation of atomic bombs, continuous earth quakes, tsunami Japan was able to be one of the most powerful countries in the world, but as a country we are still struggling. In time to time japan helped us in many ways. As a country Japan consider Sri Lanka is a friend. There are lot of Sri Lankan students are doing their studies in Japan.
Anyway today our Prime minister will address Japanese parliament .As his uncle I wish that he won’t give smooth talk at Japanese parliament and ended up the same mistakes to Sri Lanka. Well  I hope for the  best …….

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