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Random Records...........................!

Some people were born with records. I can remember sometimes ago Athena Onassis de Miranda was the world youngest Billianror at the age of 07.

She was the granddaughter of Aristotle Onassis and she inherited 50 % of the of the Aristotle Onassis’s wealth. But Onassis de Miranda married Brazilian Olympic show jumper Álvaro de Miranda Neto in 2005. She did not change her name as well now she has over 3 billion wealth at the age of 30.

What else those who does not born without records. Does it make we are very normal average ordinary people? It should not be the same way we can keep some records if we really wanted.
As a country we have interesting record. We have the first female prime minister in the whole world, which is an unbeatable record. We have two Olympic medal holders as well world cricket champions.
Recently Sri Lankan together made a record making world number one Google sex searches. 

Internet is not widely available in rural areas in Sri Lanka. By the time we were number one google sex searching nations in the whole world government did not provide WI-FI zones very much. Basically most of the hard work done by office working Sri Lankan's through their desktops. That records actually a symbol of Sri Lanka. We defeated countries over Billions of population such as China and India. How much hard work we have done to archive it.

Also we did made the world largest milk rice under the supervision of celebrity chef Dr.T.  Pabilis Silva, but unfortunately Sri Lankan now turns into burgers and fried rice nation. Large quantity of world largest Milk rice threw away when it gone badly.
Those are all group attempts of united Sri Lankans. Our Prime Minister Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe recently made record for being selected as a prime minister for forth times. This time he defeated a record which is 118 years old previously held by British Prime minister William Ewart  Gladstone December 1809 –1898.

I think he might have chance of renew this record in future. Still he is in his sixties. But he need our support to renew this record…will see how it going to work in four years.
However there are certain people who really like of having record individually.Understanding  this mentality of this kind of people the Guinness book of record committee have placed their representative throughout the world.

The first Sri Lankan Guinness record holder  was Suresh Joachim In 1991, Joachim's first record attempt involved running in his hometown of Colombo, Sri Lanka for at least a little bit every hour for 1000 consecutive hours, (August 19-September 26, 1996; 42 days), totaling a distance of 3,495 km.
On his second attempt for record breaking, Joachim traveled 225.44 km, up and down escalators at the Westfield Burwood Shopping Centre, Burwood, New South Wales, Australia. Joachim next balanced for 76 hours and 40 minutes at Vihara Maha Devi Park Open Air Stadium, in Sri Lanka.
Also he did not forget his wedding day.

 It was held at Christ the King Catholic Church, Mississauga, Ontario. The wedding featured record 79 bridesmaids, a record 47 groomsmen, and a record 60.09 m (197 ft. 1 in) long wedding bouquet, held by the bride. Not too bad. I guess this was much better than the movie “26 Dresses”.

Few days ago In Sri Lanka we lost another record holder. He is a Karate sports player. He had several record of being tough including breaking concrete cubes by bare hand, and so and so.Somehow it claims he has 10 Guinness records .He was  a tough guy but not anymore ,a group of people  had beaten  him to his death. The tough Guy lost his last breath at Anuradhpura Hospital.

I have seen very philosophical disciplined simple martial art expert in Kung Fu. The movies are always deceptive in many ways. Later I saw karate kid movie series where we see good and bad martial art teachers, students.

The Sri Lankan Toughest guy who had 10 world records claims to be a karate champion.He has his long term connections with international as well specially with Japan.
We all know that the pride comes before fall, but in life very few has courage to accept it.Same as with the Sri Lanka toughest guy.But he did not think of  start  an academy of Karate or make discipline among youths. As my understanding shaolin temple monks are vegetarians as well nonsmokers and don’t consume any alcohol. Karate or Kung-Fu even Taekwondo  sports with disciplines.

I'm a green belt holder in Karate, Still I remember our first lesson was Karate not meant to be attack some one.it s always preventing attackes. The master who though us clearly stated to prevent any danger  we all have  to be keep our mind always clear.
The moment I grow up I never ended up being a vegetarian or nonalcoholic, but I m a nonsmoker. Happy for me…
Anuradhapura it’s an ancient city as well it’s  one of the most sacred pilgrim sites to Sri Lankan Buddhist. But  Anuradhapura not a peaceful town. Anuradhpura belongs to the dry zone and its capital of north central province. My father somehow very much likes Anuradhpura. One of his favorite place was 40 km away from Anuradhapura town.Some people like the dry and harsh weather.

During Sri Lankan civil war Anuradhapura town was the only civil town just after the combat zone. Soldiers those who on their vacation made this town into a resort town. Everything what a soldier does not have at war was in the Anuradhapura Town for very law end price. Even before the war Anuradhapura town had provided all services those who visited as pilgrims.
It  had many hotels, lodging places or any accommodations at every scale of price. But Anuradhapura never had a night club. The first night club opened in Anuradhapura belongs to this Sri Lankans toughest guy.Apart from the world records he was  good breed of violence .His father was an infamous criminal in 1970 and he was executed by the government.

However with the help of some politician he has opened thins night club. Actually the night club culture is plugged into Sri Lankan society with the introduction of Open economy. We have several night clubs based on commercial capital Colombo. In western culture Night club is more like a meeting place to adults. There we can go with girlfriends or partners, But Sri Lanka any decent man never think of taking their girlfriends or partners. Most of the night clubs are well known territories for each and every abusive work. The Anuradhapura night club members were mainly  school children, the waitress were  found out nearby with very low daily wedge.

I can write another complete blog about Sri Lankan night clubs, I’ll do it somewhere in future. Somehow this Anuradhapura Night had become a terror of that area. As a result of this long chain process incidents there are about 20 people organized and came to the night club and attacked .Well it only Bruse Lee and David Caradeen able to fight with group of people alone, the tough Guy lost his life. He was beaten to death.

Someone else death will never make me happy, but this news does not make me sad either. The lord Buddha clearly stated five professions that an average Buddhist should have avoided.
‘Samma Ajeewa’ is a word in ancient Pali language, meaning ‘Right Livelihood’ that emphasizes on earning one’s livelihood and acquiring wealth in a righteous and wholesome manner that is moral and ethical. Right Livelihood is one of the principles of the Noble Eight Fold Path taught by the lord Buddha. There are five things clearly mentioned in Buddhism saying that should avoid by trading. Such as selling drugs, selling poison, selling flesh or killed animal meat, selling weapons and selling people as slaves. 

The Lord Buddha was far ahead than President Abraham Lincoln. Over.Over 2500 years ago Lord Buddha condemned selling people as slaves. At lease President Abraham Lincoln abolished the Slavery in 19th Century but I’m very sure any of the weapon producers will never think of stop trading weapons for another centuries.
Forget about the world. If this world record holder had learnt something from his father life he would have follow something else. Also if he had learnt anything out of martial arts or Karate than the mussel power his life would have never ended up like this.

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