Sunday, October 11, 2015

Margarita with a Straw………….

Tequila, Cointreau and lime juice 7:4:3 proportions will make a Margarita, but in Sri Lanka except lime juice others are not commonly available. We have imported Tequila in high end price. Blue agave plant is not at all growing in Sri Lanka. Even I can’t afford Tequila on daily basis, not because of its alcohol percentage, the price is the reason.

But we have handful of good place to have a Margarita. I would like to recommend Margarita Blue Pub at Galadari hotel in Colombo.  My favorite is a pool side table with a frozen Margarita in the evening but Friday is bit crowded.

Yesterday I did not have margarita, but watched margarita with a s  an Indian Movie. Well I assume you all know Margarita serves with Margarita Glass a variant of the classic champagne coupe but not always with straw. Only in special occasions that it serve with straw. Even the movie is about a “Laila” a wheelchair bound pretty girl with cerebral palsy.Actually in the movie she is very pretty I think it’s because her maternal links to the French decency in real life. Also the actress in real life married to Anurag Kashyap. Well this all about inside gossip but what is about the movie.

Laila in her confused teen age stage where she assumed that who is nice to her will fall in love, since she is bound with wheel chair there some situations friends and peoples too much being nice opt her. Well that is a some problem with this part of world. For disable peoples either too much help or there is no help at all. Actually when we are not normal we can’t expect to be normal form others. Laila did all those mistakes as a teen and she got hurt. We don t need to be wheel chair bound, as normal people we do such mistakes than Laila.

Actually I have taken quite a long time that people those who nice to us do not mean that they are in love with us. Well Laila had really helpful family, when she refused to go university anymore her mother able to get a Semester in New York s different world. In New York she able to explore certain things where she did not have freedom to do in India.

In Sri Lanka actually south Asia same gender marriages or relationships not accepted in legally. Even if we change the legal system it will take a long time to accept by the society. In this Island it consider as a sinful thing by vast majority. But Laila was lucky in New York she found very caring loving girlfriend .Though she is blind she realized how beautiful is Laila.

We do moronic mistakes even if we have the best girlfriend or boyfriend we have. Same as Laila, she did mistake and when you trying to be honest hoping for a fresh start it are not going to happen as we is a common thumb rule for everyone.for a healthy relationship better to keep secrets for ever somehow. Being open minded or extreme honestly only make regret most of the cases. But I have no idea what level of the honesty should we maintain in a relationship.

Finally Laila lost her mother, which was her constant love. Yet again it is not too bad being alone. Laila decided to have a date alone with herself alone. If we can’t be happy alone who else can be happy about us. If Laila can do it why we can’t do? I think that’s why movies always remain as movies, but not forever it is  good having a  margarita alone, but without a straw……..

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