Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Free Bird..............

Generally most of women like jewelries. As Marlin Monroe said diamonds may not be our best friends, but we do wear some jewelries. In Sri Lanka especially for a girl parents give earrings as first ever gift. Even whatever the income level somehow a gold earrings are still not a difficult 
requirement to fulfill. Before their daughter  get married somehow parent make some gold jewelries.

Actually in India it’s compulsory thing. Most of Tamil houses they collect certain amount of  gold  in household. No wonder why India is the largest consumer of gold in the world.

Those who can’t afford gold lease they will wear yellow string with a piece of turmeric, but there are certain exceptions where jewelries replaced by something else. The worst replacement I have ever heard is a cyanide capsule   tied with a string. I have no clue how it feel wearing a cyanide capsule since age of 14.

 Subramaniam Sivakamy alias Thamilini  Joined to LTTE at the age of 14 she wore  cyanide capsule  till 2009,As the leader of the LTTE women’s wing she  responsible of make other women wearing the cyanide capsule. But it is obvious even Thamilini had no courage to use it at the end of the final battle. She was rehabilitated by the end of the war ad released in 2012. 

While undergoing rehabilitation at "Poonthottam "Thamilini completed a basic course in computers and also obtained training in bridal dressing. But Thamilini was formally released on June 26th 2013 and handed over to her mother Ms. Sinnamma Subramaniam. She lost her father many years ago. In the organization none of women did not allowed to fall in love. The punishment for love was sending them to the front line. They never had female costume or anything remotely close to them; LTTE was the only organization which women were sent to front line as well children. While Thamilini and others were holding guns the organization leaders’ daughter had red roses in their hands.Not about other things the LTTE did not allow to have loose hair to  their female members.It was cut into very short or tied up.But it seems that  nothing has  mattered  to their leader's daughter.

There were reasonable reasons Tamil uprights, but for LTTE terrorism cannot justifiable.
After the rehabilitation she said that she had learnt a bitter lesson and would never ever join an extremist organization again. All that she wanted was to stay with her mother and family and then hopefully marry and lead a normal life, said Thamilini with voice quivering and eyes tearing.
Most of the other women Thamilini wanted to have normal life with a family. She had lost her childhood as well the youth. More or less this is a  dream of any women.

But sadly yesterday Thamilini passed away after two years battle over a cancer at the age of life she lost both battles .

 “Suthanthirapparavaigal”(Birds of Freedom) was the popular name by which the Women’s political division of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE)was known in the past. They were never become the free birds within the organization. Their energy their soul everything used to server others .it’s a ridiculous thing to call them birds of freedom at a point where they did not have any freedom.
Now at lease she is free…..

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