Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Over Take....

Any kind of a Break ups could be a very   unpleasant experience for most of us. It’s not  always breaking up with our partners ,There could be worst scenarios than that. I had  an uncle who did small scale of construction work. He was kind of  well off man  at the time  his daughters were getting married.He expected that he can build larger construction company by using prospective son in laws.
after all weddings formal events   there was a moments that the  business has to split among his daughters. Of course it’s not among daughters .it was among his son in laws who were interested in it.
 Uncle had higher hopes use his son in laws to draw the water from well. He needed bring his construction business into international.  After few discussions some of them decided to expansions of the business, my uncle agreed it and gave his acceptance by his heart. But he was still the chairman of this whole thing. He always very particular about his designation. He did not want to retired, what he should have done.
But things were not happened on a straight line. Few houses they did the clients refused to pay some of final payments. Uncle also interfered many things which he did not understand, and then there was a series of change reactions .The entire business collapsed like a palace of cards. My cousin sisters and their families somehow managed to migrate for other countries. Uncle couldn’t resist the whole thing; he was always started saying forty years of his life went on drain. I don t think it’s true. He certain life, he raised children well, so there were enough reasons to be satisfied at his age,
Bottom line he had handed over his business to other parties. Actually this was happened about five years ago, even now his daughters are doing well in their own ways. But still my uncle is worring.He has no peace even for his age.

Yesterday I felt my uncle also same as greedy man like previous President. Even after serving as the executive president of Sri Lanka for two years, he brought the 18th amendment, which allowed him to be forever president. But things are not straight even with our Ex-president so had taken a u turn and ended in Madamaulana .He is the one who said when he got retired he will relaxing at Madamulana in his arm chair. But he did not do.

Instead of relaxing in his arm chair he jumped out of the window and addressed his supporters, after while he started climbing roof tops, then enters to auditoriums, then every little temples after all he started demanding Prime Minister Post.
The climax of whole thing was yesterday; He persuaded to his allied group sign a letter and demands his prime minister post by hook or by crook. The moronic secretary of the part issued this letter to the media, only two days ahead of the election. For my understanding if they wanted MR as their prime minister first they have to win the election. Then only they can demand. But none of his close adviser did not have the patience.
Somehow the current president does not use his words unnecessarily.This time he did not use a single word, even without thinking anyone else as the chairman of the party he kicked his secretaries out and replaced the positions with his supporters. The court order issued not allowing former secretaries to enter the party office. Now any letter or request that MR going to issue as not valid at all.
Former secretaries of the party
I don’t think he his allied politicians will win this election, even though they win the election he will never our prime minister. But he can still be a member of parliament from Kurunagala district which is very similar as going to kindergarten again for study after you got the graduation. Well if it is his choice we can’t say anything on it.
Unfortunately it is not his choice; he is not fighting for Prime Minister Post. He is aiming to be the executive prime minister somehow at any cost. Except for the Vladimir Putin I haven’t heard any politician who tried so much hard stay in power.
But Putin did not change the Russian constitute; He only replaced his close friend until he obliged for next term. I agreed we lost our civil war during his time. But we all sacrificed something, I have lost two cousins as solider in the front line, while  Ex-president’s son playing rugby with his navel uniform, In Sri Lanka it’s hard to find any family who did not loss at least one relation or friend .
Victory over LTTE was a collective effort of whole country.

Even Cornel Mutalif a Muslim high ranked military officer who sacrificed his life, but during the last period of MR era Muslims were ignored and organized civilians were sent to attack them at Darga town.
The breakup of the SLFP is an unpleasant experience. The indirect result is there won’t be a powerful opposition at parliament for next term. As a civilian at this moment I do have to care that matter,it s our responsibility to make a powerful opposition for next parliament session.

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