Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The French Connction....

Everyday we meet people.but very few of   them will remember,out of them some will stay as friends.We can 't select meeting of people but we can select friends. Friends are not  a random thing,we will be friendly only if we like each others

Uncle Gamini is my mother's first cousin.
He  is spending  Bohimen  life since the day I knew,among most of relations uncle Gamini is not welcome,but not  by my mother.Only constant thing with Uncle Gamini is passion of travel.
I might have inherited  that form him.
Spending most of time out of this Island Uncle Gamini has seen and experienced  a lot.He has had the companion of blue eyes,green eyes,brown eyes and big dark eyes  now ended up marring nice looking lady who is very few years elder than me.Good for him....

Roldy was introduced to me by Uncle Gamini.Roldy is from  France,Uncle Gamini also lived most of time there and still he is disappear suddenly and call us from France making sure us that he is still living.
Though uncle Gamimi has introduced different people to us in several times none of us did not stay in our mind but Roldy was different.Very few things he told about our country and it made me to think as Sri Lankan we can be happy about it.

Roldy is not from big cities such as Paris or Leon in France.He is from small town on the Normandy beach.As per Roldy it is a village of little more than 100 people.Every body know each other and like Sri Lanka of there an accident or  anything happened whole village will come for  help.
Very much Sri Lankan,
Roldy has no any idea how Sri Lanka look like or what is Sri Lanka,he never heard about it but ha had decided to go to an island which is warm with nice beach.
Of course he was correct.As esteemed architect I asked about Ponpedue Center,Chapel Ron-champ  and some more place which made me interested. But for Roldy those are trivial even he does not wanted to see Monalisaa in Louvre Museum.
Out of curiosity I asked from Roldy how he know uncle Gamini.
That is the where story begins.Roldy has taken a long transit flight and had spent hours and hours different airports on his way.
Somehow he had lost his backpack with all traveling plans in Sri lanka also some money.Then at the airport he was uncertain about of coming to Sri Lanka.This confused guy had met another Sri Lankan and told come with him and he will take care everything in Sri Lanka.Roldy never met this Sri Lankan in France,but Roldy felt since he has nothing to loose take his chances.
So he came with that Sri Lankan and went to see Yala and some other places .
Uncle Gamini   never met this guy but he knew a friend of the   Sri Lankan who Roldy met at the air port.Spending nearly one month in Tissamaharama Roldy wanted to go some else where.Then ended up coming  Ingiriya.
Uncle Gamini was so happy to have him with and Roldy was welcomed warmly.Sri Lankan  were famous for their hospitality.Still we are.This may be a small incident but there are lot of involved of this.Actually I was proud about all this Sri Lankans.
By the  time I was got to know Roldy he was more Sri Lankan,than most of us.eating with his both hand,talking Sinhalese,having bath in rivers smoking local cigars.
On  the last Wesak poya day Roldy  participated  for Danssala which was organized  uncle Gamini.
Event though  Roldy stayed Sri lanka over two months he never visited Colombo.
So Uncle Gamini suggested me to  take Roldy in and around Colombo.From the beginning we were not very much friendly but later we were good companions.
Roldy started talking me Nangi which means sister.
Then he talked all the traveling ha had made including Caribbean Islands.He likes the Island life.
He was very genuine guy.I took him to the  golf course in Sri Lanka he said he had never played golf in his life.Also said it  s a sport only  with  rich people even in France.
I have seen Sri Lankan who are showing lot more than they are used to be.
Also I have met foreigners coming to Sri Lanka during the winter simply because they unable to afford the electricity bill,but very pompous about the white skin.Sri Lankan most of us dark brown.But Roldy is the one who accepted  very frankly the  skin different among white people.
It's good to be genuine at least for a once.....
Roldy I feel most of the time genuine.
In the end I would like to one thing what Roldy told to me and I think he has a good point of being a drifter.
 Roldy on the Galle face pier.
As per Roldy there are rich people and poor people in this world,but most of them are not rich or poor,they just living,they work ,they earn and they pay back every month ,every year....I think most of us belong to that category,Simply Roldy does not wanted to live in that way......So he has chosen what he preferred.For Roldy life is doing what he like.I think he has chosen wisely....

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