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The act number three..........Now Showing

The first time I saw a Rugby match was in Mt Hegon, Papuwaa NewGuinia with my father who was working there. After grade five exam I was first time out of this island to another. The Papua New Gunian has a passion for Rugby; Even in Sri Lanka we hired professional Papua New Gunian for Rugby tournaments. 
My father worried not having a son to play Rugby at home like our ex-president who had three sons to play with him. Of course I’m not very much rugby fan but I enjoy masculinity of the players. Unlike cricket Rugby will never stop because of the rain or water collection of the ground. For me the best part of the game is when it has slight rain, the players with their muddy t shirts it’s something to watch. I have seen some ladies holding breath for the players.

At the climax of a Rugby match it’s more like a battle field, it does not matter which country it’s always  like a battle field.
The Old blacks are inviting to the opponents from the beginning  of the game by their famous warrior dance.
 Leaders like Nelson Mandela used Rugby as a way of connecting people who had separated by color of the skin. South Africa at least had a one leader, but in Sri Lanka we always had politicians who only think come to power in next election.

PNG rugby players while their practices. in remote area.

But most of the civilized Rugby players did not take the game beyond the ground, but in Sri Lanka worst game is not within the ground. Still Rugby is popular among two main cities, Kandy and Colombo, but during the past five years we got Hambanthota Sharks which is good think if the players have been selected from Hmbanthota. 

Ex- president playing with his sons.A pride father...

Even long time before Ex-President came to power Sri Lankan rugby was not a peaceful game beyond the ground. Sometimes players stayed within the grounds, but audience start to play Rugby in the stadium. Evan the Bradby shield match only school player are playing caused to a reason to fight each other. This is Sri Lankan Rugby,

We have blood sheds over rugby in many times, during the CBK time it was a Papua new gunian Rugby player who was killed in night club, this cause to a battle between two countries. Most of Sri Lankans those who worked at that time had really difficult time to stay in Papua new guinia, but eventually the death of the rugby player was only an incident now which belongs to the history.

Now we have only seven days for parliament election, and we have another young rugby player who is dead out of the ground. This is not the first time in Sri Lanka the political parties asking help to win their election from dead .
I was not born but it was 1977 election which united national party won with landslide victory, there was a one young girl’s death and united national party took maximum advantage out of intuit was Premawathee Manamperi who raped, forced walked in naked and killed by an army commander, 

while Sri lanka has got world’s first female prime minister in power. 
This was happened in Katharagamam where both Buddhist and Hindus believed the god Katharagama inhabited there. Even God Katharagama did not hear poor girl’s call for mercy. But politicians saw the opportunity they have for coming election.

God Katharagama with 6 faces and 12 hands.
But unfortunately the united national party did not tried even for peaceful country from the beginig.Just after the election they gave two weeks of holiday time for every police station in sir lanka  which allowed  that the winning party can released the violence over losing party and it happened. 

After six years in 1983 the organized violence started over Tamils in Sri Lanka which lead this country for a civil war over three decades. It did not limit only to Tamils, but also Sinhalese youth came against to the government. It was also control by over brutal murders over thousands of youth including university students, school students.

Out of all incidents in 1994 the former president CBK got massive publicity over one incident. That was “Suriya kanda” mass grave yard .Somehow before the upcoming election in 1994 that time partition party came to know there is a mass grave yard on “Suriya Kanda”. Without even at a presence of a magistrate or even a police the opposition party of that time started excavating the area they started using their domestic staff. But there were hundreds of media to report the event.


They came to power, and they were in the  power over 20 years, but nothing happened those who buried in the Suriya kanda. At least the remains were not even identified; it was only a political propaganda.

Except of the monument which was built on the parliament road, but that monument was  demolished from there and urban development authority did recreational area where the monument was before. Most unbelievable thing is the designer of the monument got promoted by the  ex-president as some kind of director and he became silent once and forever.
Monument shrine for innocents  now Diyawanna uyana -Urban recreations
But personally i prefer diyawanan uyana,the monument had so many issue .there were not access,to many messages,completely out of the context and only the designer wanted to show his capacity of doing everything and ended nothing.

Seeduwa monument for Disappeared .much people friendly monument,The designer  still is a active member of the civil society.

In past time those who can  be bought they were bought up for higher price, other were Disappeared.

As per Buddhist philosophy everything is cyclical. Our life is cyclical, even the whole universe is cyclical, For Buddhist we don’t have to worry too much if we missed something in this life, since  it all cyclical process  we can catch it later may be it is in next birth, but still we can catch it.

But I  not certain about it, very few people only remember their previous birth, but in my experience the Sri Lankan politics is very cyclical. It has proven today by excavating Thajimudeen’s body. 
A young talented  rugby player who is claim to be dead as a result of fight beyond the Rugby  ground.

It says over a woman’s death blood spots stays at men’s’ hand, but in this incident it appears both men and women has got blood on their hands. 
The good government had over six months to start the proper investigation, but they did not do they waited till the last week of the election. 
The most sarcastic thing over this is the former president at press conference said that he will continue investigation when he comes to power as the prime minister. As the executive president of Sri Lanka which he was not interested of having independent investigation since 2012 now saying this.
But this time the good government did not get live media coverage like in 1994.Since the religion reasons and family background the excavation part of the incident did not display as media propaganda.

But the story line still remains like before. A dead coming to help to win election to a political party. The first episode started killing a village girl, now it’s a rugby player in Colombo. The politicians required this kind of stories to regenerate their popularity in time to time. That may be a reason anyone is not trying to stop this cyclical process by its root.

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