Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cricket.....the sport of Sri Lanka...

Sri Lanka ,my mother land is a country of vibrant cultural diversity.
 We have Sinhalese,Tamils,Muslims and Burgers.Among this ethnic groups again divided into up country Sinhalese,southern Sinhalese,Jaffna Tamils,Indiana Tamils,estate Tamils so and so.

Not only the ethnic groups again we are making own groups according to cast.Im not going to tell is this a good system or not but it s the way it has been here over hundreds of years.
Obviously in this mixed fruit basket we have lot of rotten fruits.
Also smart Sri Lankan politicians willing to take advantages of this ethnic diversity.Of course they took maximum of it and we suffered a civil war over 30years.

First Sri Lnakan Cricket team who represent Sri Lnaka for world cup .
But as Sri Lankans there is a one common thread which all of us always agree with..
That's nothing else it the Cricket.

The game of cricket was introduced to our reign by British.
Pakistan,India and Sri Lanka we are all world champions.
The country which introduced cricket to this reign never won the world championship so far.Imagine if this south Asian countries were gathered as an one country there is no other country to challenge us in CRICKET.

 But I know it want easy Even the united Europe looks like a possibility but the united south Asia is never be a conceptual possibility..

cricket is known to be as the sports of the gentleman,but as we do everything else we  reaganalised cricket as it fitting to South Asia.Instead of playing 3 days 5 days test matches we came up with 20/20 ended over matches.India introduced premier league and made cricket player a mode of income generators to the
Sri Lanka we don't have internationally recognized  academy awards wining movie starts or Nobel award winning writers,but we have cricket a cricket team who defeated Australia,Britain,New Zealand,India .Also who made Cowdrey lecture.

Former cricket Captain  Kumar Sangakara addressing at Cowdrey Lecture 2011

we have cricket players who rang the bell in lords ground.
the secret of our successful in cricket not because we have the best board of cricket has so many criticism including misuse of money.
the Sri Lankan cricket team is a collective of all ethnic groups of Sri lanka.we had Muralithanan,Jehan Mubarak , T.M Dilshan, Russel Arnold,now we have Anglo Mathews.We Sri Lankan accepted all  of them as our loving Cricket Players.

When Muralithara got hard time in Australia Former Sri  Lankan Cricket captain stood against it,As a team ,as a nation,That's how we won the world cup 1996.
Arjuna Ranatunga,the time He became to as the captain of Sri Lnaka our team was underrated,Bu he lead the team towards 1996  world cup championship.
There are stories even that time LTTE  celebrated the world cup victory.

                                          1996 world cup victory...

The South Asian three cricket nations,Who hold the world cup  for their countries.
Kapil Dew- 1983 India
Imran Khan-1992 Pakistan
Arjuna Rnatunga-1996 Sri Lanka
Except Kapil Dew both Imran Khan and Arjuna Rnatunga has entered into politics.
if we can apply this in to as a nation to as a country will be far ahead from current situation.

Anyway yesterday I went to the  cricket match at R.Premadasa ground Pakistan and Sri Lanka. True we lost the match .Nothing to worry all played well.
Till the last over it was uncertain who will win the match......

well that s what we call cricket.......


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