Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yet Another Election?

where to float...?
As Sri Lankans   we are facing to an election for the second time in this year...this all started calling for a presidential election By ex president MR two years in advance as per his royal astrologers forecast.
Now ex President running for prime minister post which is absolutely not worthy positions in Sri lankan constitutes.Since 1977 with the introduction of the new Constitution  Prime Minster post has become only a positions which was technically held by most   catatonic politicians ever.This is not for the country...
Ten year of presidential period of the ex president Sri lanka gone through a lot.Of course we  won the war during this period.we can got to Jaffna by train even, but forgetting the fact it the the most expensive rail road per KM.
Colombo ,the commercial hub of Sri Lanka  everywhere paved ,floating markets,towers over 300 m  of course we have gone through a lot in the past..but why over 6 million people vote against the former president ?
What most of Sri  Lankan lost during his time?
Well it is not only the ex-president who is responsible for destroying the most of things what we consider as pillars of the any democratic country.It is not the Ex-President who appointed chief justice first time by his own,Even former president Chandrika Kumarathunga did the same with former chief justice.Ex president was only an extension of the same worst  cycle.
Corruption,from  when to start? Sri lanka never had a leader  with clean hands..
but out of all Ex- President was far more clever  than others..he had very good team..even after the fall of the past election  he has a team who always willing to appear on behalf of him.

So what do we going  to do?can we trust the current prime minister who already mislead the entire country with central bank treasure bond scandal.Or else are we going to have faith on JVP?As it appears to me this is the most confused and unclear election ever in Sri Lanka?There is no one to trust?So no one  to vote.
We don't have choice of voting based on policies......

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