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Today Is a Poya day

Today is a Poya Day,In Sri Lanka every  full moon poya day is holiday. The month of July we got two full moon poya days.
Such a Buddhist country.If you  walk one or two km in a early morning   you can hear chanting Pirith  in Buddhist temples,But   we are two far away from Buddhism which Lord Buddha has  thought 2500 years ago.It isn't a religion it is a Philosophy.

                                             A Buddhist temple by Paddy fields.
Little Buddhist monks at  Mihintale,Where King Dewanampiyatissa First time become a devotee of Buddhism

Poya day people they gather to temple to  observe Sill.My mother is  also observing Sill,I dropped her early morning at  the temple
In Buddhism there are five basic fundamentals to follow.Those are not restricted orders,but if we can follow those five basic fundamentals my motherland would have been a better place

First fundamental is  to avoid killing  or  do harmful  thing full  any  living creature,not only humans as well all the other animals ,insects ,birds ect... including  even trees because  there is a life in it.But what we seeing is totally different.In  1960 sri lanka had total forest coverage of over 40-60%,now  it s less than 20%..That is about trees.During the past three decades of war we experienced all sort of killing in North and South,the paradise of of Indian ocean,the pearl of the Indian ocean become blood drop of the Indian ocean,
Even after the war Killing and  brutal touchering did not stop at all.Some villages in Sri Lanka experienced killing  specially women at nights for un known reasons ,Journalist were killed at high security zone in broad day light
The most powerful politicians and their sons were charged for most of these crimes.Breaking this basic fundamental of Buddhism  was every time experience to this country.

 Angry Buddhist monks fighting each other must be on good reason.

The second fundamental is avoid stealing ,which means even the intention of steal is a breaking of this guideline.I will tell most recent experience that we are facing now.

Just after the Presidential election this year  the bribery and corruption commission re generated  with new Director.
As per their records withing last 6 months there are over 7000 complaints were made  by peoples,this is all about stealing  and money frauds by various people those who were placed in highest position and most of the are well educated.
None of them did not steal in millions,It was all in Billlions of rupees.Sri Lanka except the tea and  the garment industry  there are no any significant production to the world market.Within past decades as a country we  ended the war and  started large development projects such as air ports ,harbors, we have some natural sources ,actually we used to have clean water, but not  anymore.
Even the water has  become polluted ,
what  I was going to say was most of our country running with foreign aids and foreign debts.the unbelievable thing was they steal these foreign aids,
There are some housing projects which were started with big bill boards,but never build a single house,not even a foundation but billions of money ended up very few bank accounts in Sea Shells,Cayman Islands and Switzerland.The stealing has become like breathing to this Buddhist country,

 Ex president MR. observing sill with his friends and family at Temple trees.

These foreign aids were given as low interest rate Long term debt.
Majority of Sri  Lankan  did not get any benefits yes true I did  used  southern highway when we had site visits in Galle,But over vast population of Sri lankan still not been through highway even for a single time.So that the developments which carried out with unbelievable corruption did not made any good benefits to majority.But unfortunately   they are the people who had to pay for this all.It estimated every Lankan who just born to this country is in debt 300000 RS.

Former  minister Monitoring for external affairs now remanded for allegedly misusing state resources during past time it  is reported to have spent more than 175$ while he is staying in famous Waldorf  Astoria hotel In New York to view pornographic movies in governments expenses.
                                                 Ex minister with his infamous bill .

Waldorf  Astoria Hotel- Guess who is going to pay for this bill.
Al Sri Lankans are paying large amount as taxes,

It s not Just only Phonographic movies that cost government  money he had spend 234 $ for Wagyu Rib eye and 288 $ for special Japanese Wagyu.
The Japanese Wagyu beef is a special kind of beef which has it s distinguish look of which known has marble texture.The cows were being fed with gallons of beer to get this white fat wains in red meet.
I have never tested this not because that I am a  vegetarian Buddhist ,I can't afford it and the government never pay the bill for me,In Buddhism we believe that we will reborn in a good life when we do the good things  in previous birth. must be the ex -minister has done a lot of good things in past life.

The most importantly he has spend  390 $ for two glasses of 100 years old Cognac and another 616 $ for Banfi Brunello de Montalc wine.
The French cognac ,though France is responsible being the largest producer to the world,it is not a preferable drink in France.Their best customers are new rich Chinese.Our Ex-Minister must have got inspiration while his official duties in China.
Of course wine is good for him,but spending on pornography movies I don t think it s very Buddhist thing.
The important thing is  the third fundamental in Buddhism is to Avoid adultery,heve to maintain faithfulness  their partners not to have sexual activities  with others.
Pornographic movies are not that bad because there are Sri Lankan Minister Who were proud boast about having adultery and fearlessly spooked it in Parliament.

Ex- Minister of Public Transport  during the sessions in  the parliament was outspoken about being adultery.As per his own explanation he is   a six feet tall and handsome looking person ,who is very much attracted to women, since his he is comfortable with adultery there is nothing wrong .I think Rasputin  also had the same problem,women are guilty for this falling on this good looking guy.

We can consider this as a  moronic statement of a politician,but who is spending the  cost of the all his mistresses.
This is not the worst scenario,raping women,small children,school children while they are on their way to school at 7 a.m, has become daily experience,Even the supreme courts magistrate was charged against beating house maid and attempting for rape.

Sri Lanka has become number one google searcher for sex.Few years ago Sri Lankan  chief Justice of that time got caught to the police while he was enjoying adultery   in his car close by Sri Lankan Parliament.
The funniest thing is very recently the same  ex- chief Justice said he owns and apologies for giving  wrong partial  judgement during his period
In Sri Lanka there is a special TV channel for Buddhist.the same person appears  very often and discussing very deep Buddhist matters,In a way  he is very knowledgeable  .
I have heard Sir Issac Newton used logarithm table  to calculate arithmetic  at the fish market.
May be a common  thing to forget fundamentals while you thinking more advanced matters.

Anyway this is our Ex-minister of Transport.Is he good looking? looking at the picture anyone already get  attracted?Is this local Rasputin?

The fourth fundamental is avoid telling lies.Well I don't have nothing to tell more of it,this has  become a land of lairs,Some lies are unbelievable.I ll tell  you  a very good example.

Jackson Anthony,talented  actor in Sri Lanka during the Ex-Presidents time turned into a Historian.
He did a deep analysis of the family trees of Lord Buddha and said Ex -president is related to the King Sudhodhana,who was Lord Buddha's father. Apparently Ex president has a blood line to the lord Buddha,Jackson Anthony did not stop making Ex -President a king,he made him holy by doing this hard historical research work.
It 's good Jackson Anthony ended up becoming a Historian,Imagine if he had an idea of ended up as scientist he  will disprove Gravity.He is a genius.Don't you think?.

 The historian Jackson Anthony....In his fancy historian costume  and nicely colored  Jet black bear ,whatever he  is a very good actor,I enjoyed his acting over two decades.

So the last Fundamental of Buddhism is avoid all sort of liquor and drugs.
Generally in Sri Lanka female does not much involve in drinking alcohol of smoking,they may bite beetle leaves but alcohol.things are changing,it s starting with women ,Actually it was the former President CBK started giving liquor permit as a return favor when she got elected in 1994.

She had a justifiable reason to control illegal liquor such as local Kasippu she and that time financial minister   Kingsly Gunatilake  decided bring the tax down on Beer.Still in Sri lanka liquor is very affordable.With that government policy drinking  of Kasippu did not stop among locals.But average consumption of liquor went high.

This kind of income resources should not ignore even this is  predominately  Buddhist country.So everybody encourage this  as a governments policy and  some ministers also involved into the business, I think business is good.
Later on these they need expansion of the businesses, like another .So Sri Lanka became a center point of world drug business.Like any other big industry all the raw materials brought to Sri Lanka in  containers,I thinks we had enough drugs to make bricks even out of white sugar.

Ex- Secretary of defiance shaking hand with Malaysian based drug Lord at a film premier.Now he is saying shaking hands was without knowing who he was,but Defiance secretary does not know with whose is he handshaking? It s hard fact to believe

Politicians are claimed to be linked with drug dealers,recently movie star ,so and so,.Recently they brought back one person accusing to be a main distributor of the drug business, Now he is in remand custody.
Young sri lankans enjoying  bottle of old arrack

 During past time the crime rate of this country was increased unbelievably.Most cases before the crime the suspects were on heavy drugs always.There was a brutal  murder and a rape had happend in Hotel In Tnagalle,Four suspected were guilty and sent to the prison for 20 years,They were old drunk  took part of the crime.Sadly it was a Christmas day and the leader of the guilty party was a young local politician,

Sri Lanka has become a country which easily  ignore  essential basics.,Same thing has happened to the Buddhism.We have forgetting basic five fundamental getting lost at no where.For me it s kind of helpless feeling......who can help us More than Lord Buddha.

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