Saturday, July 25, 2015

A sad Sunday......

It was last Sunday that I started looking  Lankadeepa for Daya Rajapakshs's comic  story.Bit disappointing because it was not in the paper.Then I waited till this week .

Of course Sunday Lankadeepa was available since Saturday morning.but the story wasn't there either This is the first time  according to my memory repeatedly it was  not published for two weeks.
Even I told  my mother it's  strange,After few minutes  while I was  checking some web news I saw that  Mr Daya Rajapaksha passed away at general hospital Colombo today morning.
What a sad thing to hear...

I started reading   his stories  with " Gginibath Kiritaya"which means the burnt crown.
It was a story about a small shop owned by Sinhalese in where majority of the people Tamil s who work in tea estate.actually I was very small I do remember the name because I didn't know what s the Sinhalese meaning for Kiritaya.
Actually my grandfather who explained this word and said don't think  of reading this kind of stories simply these are adult's stuff.And remanded me to read Lowada sagarawa and Sirith Maldama,Both were poem books without a singe illustration and full of advice of well mannered Buddhist children supposed to follow.
Being stubborn was typically being myself and later on I read those books when i was studding in Sunday school but that did not stop the addiction for Daya Rajapaksha's  comic stories .I never missed  those  stories till this Sunday.
Daya Rajapaksha even did child comics stories for Wijaya paper.But his work always meant for adults.He never did stories with beautiful princess or fairy tales castles with rainbow colors.
The last story he was writing based on older peoples life in a Elder home.

During 1988 -1989 he wrote a story about a poor family who sold their child.It was a time lot of Children were sold to Western Europe countries, this kind of stories really happened  at that time very often.Nowadays we read  overwhelming articles of return  those kids as adults  to Sri Lanka searching for their biological parents.In rational way it s not a worst  thing that a child grew up in a European country with higher life standards.
But again we can't really agreed of the idea of selling a child.
however the story ended in as that  father who actually sold the kid commit suicide.
there was a small note that  Daya Rajapaksha made saying  that he had to stop this story due to various pressure....

It s like end of an era.Now most of the news papers does not have a comic story.
Also there is no any esteemed runner to hold the batten.As readers we are  interested in electronic medias and  reading printed news papers not a growing habit of younger generation .
We have all E news alerts.New President providing WI-FI ,  It easy,

The truth is even I got Daya Rajapaksha's  death  from E news web.actually I was realizing   that I don't have a reason of buying   Irida Lankadeepa now
Can I blame myself?

Nortan Bridge Daya Rajapaksha and the leading female figure of his most of comic stories.

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